So, who are we and what are we doing right now?

Icarus Interstellar Incorporated can best be described as a really great group of friends, both old and new, that share a love for Star Citizen and get together to have fun and exciting adventures. We are proud to put quality above quantity when it comes to membership (disrespectful people and drama are not tolerated). Our membership is friendly, welcoming, and drama-free, something not many organizations can say.

If you read “Our History”, you will know that most of our organization has been together for quite a while, some members have been around for a decade, while others are pretty new. Up until the end of 2023, the organization has been doing a little of this and a little of that, waiting on a sign that it is time to get off our rears and kick things into high gear. And that’s exactly what we are going to do, starting in January of 2024.

Members get together weekly to play during our official organization playtimes (North American evening time zones), which includes Tuesday evenings and every other Friday and Saturday evenings (alternating for variety). We also run roleplay adventures which have their own dedicated nights (dependent on membership interest). More times will possibly be added in the future as our membership grows.

Being a corporation-based organization, Icarus Interstellar Incorporated will participate in all game content, both current and future. Some of the larger missions will involve capital ships, including the powerful Idris-M, P, or K, or even the mighty Javelin (when released).

Some of our founding principles:

  • Icarus Interstellar Incorporated’s goal is for the membership to get to know each other and learn to work together to create an atmosphere of camaraderie that will follow us on our many adventures and create a rewarding gaming experience.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining a mature, easy-going, and friendly membership, and we value fun gameplay and quality friendships above all else.
  • We strive to avoid the impersonal atmosphere of many of the mega-sized organizations that use spamming recruitment tactics with open recruitment that accepts anyone.
  • We expect our members to be mature and respectful of their org mates, as well as other organizations and people they meet along the way.
  • We expect our members to abide by our organization policies, allowing our organization to be fun and enjoyable.

We have huge plans for the future, and you can read more about those plans on out “Our Vision” page.