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About Our Organization

Organization Description:

So, who are we and what are our goals for our organization?

Icarus Interstellar Incorporated (III) is a roleplay-focused / roleplay-friendly organization that is playing Chris Roberts’ epic science fiction space simulator game, Star Citizen.

We are a tight-knit and friendly organization with a corporation theme and big plans for the future. We are also more than meets the eye (for those that like the more “shady” side of things). We will participate in a broad range of immersive, challenging, and fun activities while striving to maintain a high-quality organization with a friendly atmosphere.

Under the guise of a straight-laced and successful corporation, our characters represent a diverse group of both loyal company employees, as well as disillusioned and disenfranchised individuals, who are looking to make a living without invasive megacorp and UEE oversight.

We will base many of our activities off of the many large ships we have at our disposal, including Javelin destroyers and Idris Frigates, and will utilize the rest of our fleet depending on member availability, member preference, and mission type. We hope to combine roleplay with a variety of scenarios to have fun with friends. Our goal is to get to know each other and learn to work together to create an atmosphere of camaraderie that will follow us on our journeys and through our many adventures, giving us a rewarding gaming experience full of fun times!

We pride ourselves on maintaining a mature, easy-going, and friendly membership. We value fun gameplay, including immersive roleplay, and quality friendships above all else. We strive to avoid the impersonal atmosphere of many of the mega-sized organizations that use spamming recruitment tactics with open recruitment that accepts anyone. We expect our members to be mature and respectful of their organization mates, as well as other organizations and people they meet along the way. We also expect our members to abide by our organization policies, allowing our organization to be fun and enjoyable.

All in-fiction positions and roles within the corporation will be immersively and realistically portrayed as part of our corporation operation. All members, even new members, will have a chance to be selected for the various leadership positions through hard work.

Join us as we make our way in the ‘Verse!

A Brief Description of our Corporation In-Fiction History:

Every roleplay organization has a history. Here’s ours…

Icarus Shipping Incorporated (now Icarus Interstellar Incorporated) was founded by three partners on Earth as a small, legitimate shipping business and was moderately successful for many years. Entrepreneur and company majority owner Garon Ambrose lead his partners to success. He followed his vision, treated his customers fairly, and used his business skills to put Icarus Interstellar Incorporated on the star map. His business grew, and with it so did his fleet, his workforce, and his profits. However, over the years, ISI began to draw the notice of larger corporations–those with enough political and underworld influence to stamp out a perceived threat.

Garon Ambrose soon found his company being squeezed from every direction. Minor ship accidents and failures increased, Advocacy inspectors and increased red tape delayed many shipments, and even tariffs increased substantially without warning. Garon started to fear that his company would face bankruptcy… and worse, the loss of his modest but beloved trade fleet. As many of his pilots and employees were either poached by larger companies or quit out of fear for their well being, Garon’s vision for his company started to dim. The businessman struggled with what to do, seeing few options and even less opportunities to fight the overwhelming resources of those out to destroy him.

And to add insult to injury, the struggling company found itself facing a run in with a local crime syndicate as well as a threat from inside the company that nearly destroyed the company and lead to the death of one of Garon’s partners. These details are not well known, even to this day, but can be found contained within classified corporation records for those that look deeper.

Shortly after the death of his partner, Garon and the other remaining partner amicably agree to go their separate ways. It is then that Garon makes the decision to try and save what remains of his company by relocating ISI’s operations outside the reach of his competitors. Moving those employees, that are willing, to the Bremen system in search of new opportunities.

With the new company’s reduced personnel count and low funds, new challenges arise, resulting in Garon making a bold decision to take riskier contracts. Soon, there are rumors that a certain segment within ISI is supplementing the corporation’s legitimate earnings by transporting less than legal cargo. These rumors were not proven, but the Advocacy started to pay attention.

Soon after, the devastating attack on Vega II by Vanduul forces and a series of events that ISI participated in (or more like drawn into), the company found itself with an opportunity that proves to boost revenue and set ISI on a track for success. Again, more details can be found contained within classified corporation records.

With the increased revenue and more lucrative ventures, Garon then decided for a subtle rebranding of the company. Icarus Shipping Incorporated became Icarus Interstellar Incorporated. And with that, the company started to expand exponentially with an increased fleet and a larger menu of services, becoming a successful multi-service corporation.

Eventually, word spread that there was a company that offered a variety of services and was willing to do what it takes to get the job done and stick up for the little guy. Unexpected and myriad job offers and job seekers started rolling in, and Garon found himself faced with a very different company than the one he had envisioned.

However, rumors still persisted, and persist to this day, that Icarus Interstellar Incorporated is more than meets the eye, and if you have something that needs to be done that might not be completely legal or a problem that just needs to go away, it might be worth your time to inquire.