Membership Requirements / How to Join

Membership Requirements


*** Instructions on how to join are at the bottom of the page***

Section One: Full Membership (Icarus Interstellar Incorporated set as Primary Organization)

Full membership is the membership level for members that commit and dedicate themselves to Icarus Interstellar Incorporated as their primary organization. This level of membership allows members to fully participate in all organizational assets and resources, including full access to our Spectrum forums and all voice channels, as well as the ability to hold any leadership position.

Icarus Interstellar Incorporated has a selective recruitment and membership policy. This is meant to keep the organization more manageable, allow us to maintain a more mature and quality membership, and to avoid potential lurkers and troublemakers. If you are interested in joining us, the process is simple, but membership is not guaranteed.

Membership Requirements:

Why do we have the following membership requirements and guidelines? It’s quite simple. We want all of our new members to feel welcomed into our organization, to be able to have fun with new friends and to enjoy a great organization atmosphere. For that, we need to be a little selective.

When reviewing applications to Icarus Interstellar Incorporated, we are looking for “the right fit” of the applicant for our organization… the same as the applicant should be looking for a “right fit” for a new organization. We strive for a quality membership and not just quantity as some organizations do.

The following requirements and guidelines should help this process by letting you – the potential new member – understand what we are looking for and what you can expect.

Age / Maturity Requirement:

We have a minimum age of 18 and a preferred age of 21 and over.

Maturity is a major consideration during recruitment. As an example, an eighteen-year-old with a well thought-out backstory and a love of exploration would be a better fit for us than a thirty-something who just wants to “pew-pew some noobs”, for example.

Time Zone Preferences and Organization Play Times:

We offer official organization playtimes each week for members to try to attend, which will be when larger activities are planned. These playtimes will include both weekly reoccurring playtimes (one or more days per week), as well as special events planned outside weekly playtimes.

Times will be adjusted as required, but will generally cover UK evenings through US Eastern evenings through US Pacific evenings during weekdays, but may also include mornings and afternoons of the same time zones on Saturday and Sundays. Members are expected to try to join to play during some or all of these times.

We also have members playing outside of the scheduled playing times on a regular basis. There is a good chance that impromptu events and missions can be planned quickly when org members are available.

While we will welcome players from any region, note that organizational activities will favor the time zones listed above.

We request that all members attempt to attend official organization play times as much as they are able to.

General Membership Requirements:

Applicants should be able to…
◦ Agree to and follow the Organization Charter
◦ Meet the age requirement listed above
◦ Be available during part of the prime playing times listed above
◦ Have an appropriate standard of written and spoken English
◦ Avoid excessive “social text abbreviations”
◦ Be friendly, courteous, and respectful of others
◦ Not be of the habit to use obscene language in a continuous manner
◦ Not be prone to rage or anger
◦ Commit to this organization as a priority
◦ Be dependable

If have questions, please contact us HERE.

Don’t be shy! We are a really friendly organization and do not mind answering questions or assisting you to determine if we are indeed a right fit for you.

Section Two: Affiliate Membership (Icarus Interstellar Incorporated not set as Primary Organization)

Affiliate membership is the membership level for members that need to spread their Star Citizen time between more than one organization or that wish to create open lines of communication for either ambassadorial duties or networking with other groups. This level of membership has limited access on our Spectrum site, Discord server, and voice channels.

This level of membership is a good choice when a person cannot dedicate themselves to this organization exclusively or wish to merely keep a line of communications open in order to watch for opportunities for missions or events to join.

Section Three: How to Join

Are you interested in joining us? Then you’re almost there!

Go HERE to go to our RSI page, click the “Join us now!” button, and then tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to join us (in the application message field).

An officer will then contact you as soon as possible to ask questions we may have, discuss membership, and answer any questions you might have.